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1. Consultation and joining matters: Freely request the supporting materials of Chengmei (such as corporate brochures, product manuals, investment brochures, leaflets, promotional CDs, etc., depending on the situation), which can be mailed or delivered.

2, join the intention to contact: telephone correspondence, deep communication with the franchisee, to understand the overall situation of the customer.

3. Customer strength survey: The company will investigate and evaluate the franchisees, fill out the intentional customer evaluation form, and initially reach a cooperation intention.

4. On-the-spot investigation: The company invites franchisees to conduct on-the-spot investigations.

5. Signing the franchise contract: The two sides negotiated in depth and signed the franchise contract.

6. Regional market research: The franchisees cooperate with the regional manager of the company to conduct preliminary market research on the local market.

7. Company training: The company sends personnel to the regional market to guide or organize personnel to attend the training at the company headquarters.

8, the first batch of purchase: confirm the purchase variety and quantity, the first store of the store to purchase.