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Follett Building Materials Co., Ltd. is determined to be the standard bearer of environmental protection.

In the face of the natural environment that has been seriously damaged or even endangered, how human beings should be on their own. The ecological concept has changed the dilemma between man and nature, changed the value orientation centered on human beings, and advocated the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

As part of our corporate culture, we use ecological culture to assess our value orientation, to understand our business practices, and to fulfill our social responsibilities.

The ecological culture of Follett Building Materials Co., Ltd. is actually a healthy culture, a green culture, a harmonious culture and a humanistic culture. It is a complete system with self-regulation, self-improvement and self-renewal, with different levels, not only has a strong vitality, It is also compatible with other cultural systems, interdependent and harmonious.

Environmental policy

Follow the corporate mission of 'protecting the environment, conserving resources, and achieving sustainable development'. In the business operation, Follett Building Materials Co., Ltd. actively fulfills its social mission in environmental protection, constantly seeks new creations and creates new lifestyles. Follett realizes people's dreams and makes unremitting efforts to build a society with excellent environment. Work hard.

A company with a sense of social responsibility

As a rigorous company, we are committed to the development of ecologically and economically efficient products. Our business operations are guided by the principles of sustainable development. The analysis of ecological benefits plays an important role in this regard. We look at the entire life cycle of our products from both economic and ecological perspectives, focusing on the consumption of raw materials and energy, superior performance, and the comparison of recycling and disposal. This approach can help us provide health, innovation and environmental protection to society. Quality products.