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Guangdong Fu Laite Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a large-scale high-tech, professional architectural coatings company integrating scientific research, production, sales and engineering construction. The company attaches great importance to the adjustment and transformation of production process equipment, fully guarantees the advanced production technology of Follett architectural coatings, systematic first-class advanced equipment and the selection of foreign high-quality raw materials, which greatly guarantees the excellentness and stability of the products. The technical equipment and strict quality system make the products of Flett stricter than the domestic standard, ensuring the advanced level of various technical indicators such as product stability, color retention and weather resistance.

Follett specializes in the production and sales of natural stone paint, liquid granite, texture paint, water-based fluorocarbon paint, fluorocarbon paint, water-in-water colorful paint, rock chip paint, water-based metal paint, exterior latex paint, reflective heat insulation paint, inorganic minerals Paint, water-sand sand and other architectural coatings health and environmental protection products, all products have reached environmental protection standards, independent research and development production, raw material cooperation suppliers are internationally renowned chemical suppliers.

【Business advantage】 

The company can be divided into five core areas: administrative office area, research and development center, production and production area, warehouse logistics area and employee activity area, and is tested by third parties.

Follett becomes a brand of high-end real estate imitation stone:

1.Fullet is a company that truly focuses on and focuses on the fine exterior stone of the building exterior.

2.Follett successfully took over the large-scale urban benchmarking project.

3.In addition to strong production technology, Follett also has a professional construction team and engineering system management and control experience, can provide industry-wide, comprehensive solutions.

4.The customers that Follett has successfully succeeded and are currently serving include well-known real estate developers such as COFCO, Greentown, Poly, and China Resources.

5.The main idea of Follett is to output the perfect finished product instead of a single product or raw material. The professionalism of Follett is not only reflected in the real stone lacquer stone field, but also in the field of exterior finishing and decoration. The core claim of the Follett brand is According to the properties of the building, provide suitable solutions to display and enhance the quality and grade of the property.